Friday, July 2, 2010

Senior Portraits | Urban | Rock That Tu-Tu !

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When I first met Aleniac she told me she wanted to take some pictures after her graduation. I said to my self, awesome we've been wanting to add a new senior gallery to our website. After the shoot I asked her what school she was graduating...and she said FIDIM! (not a high school but college) I felt like such a dork lol.  

While we were changing outfits, a fruit truck was passing by and Aleniac's mom stopped the guy to buy some fruit. We then had the bright idea to ask if she could take a couple of pictures with his truck. we had so much fun doing it. Only in L.A could we get these kind of shots! I love the ones where she took a picture with the local workers. She made their day! All I can say is.... She totally rocked that tu-tu! 


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