Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kiss My Bundt | Spectacular Scrumptious Treats! | Award Winning Bakery!

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When you are a wedding photographer one thing you get to do is eat cake, some are great and some well you would rather just pass up on.  We recently had the opportunity to taste something unique that was as good if not better than most cakes we've gotten to taste.  You can say its a type of cake, and can even be made in to a wedding cake.  They've made their appearance at American Idol and at more than one celebrity event.  If your grandma baked I'm sure you even got to eat them, but one thing I can say I've never seen a grandma bake a bundt cake like this.

If you take a trip just west of Hollywood and a bit south of the sunset strip you will find one of the most amazing finds for anyone with a sweet tooth.  Kiss My Bundt is definitely one of the most unique and tasty bakeries you will ever find.  With ingredients ranging from the conventional to some that just make you scratch your head and say "Really"  you just can't go wrong with anything on the menu.  From the Bundt Cakes down to the ice cold Lemonade there is nothing conventional of what is served here.  The Pistachio bundt cake was to die for and the cookies and cream instantly transported me back to my child hood, and frankly I must say can you ever go wrong with red velvet...  If you are anywhere near the Beverly Center look up Kiss My Bundt, and if you are not in the area trust me its worth the road trip! 

Can't wait to try their "Maple Bacon Bundt Cake" !

kiss my bundt
beverly hills bakery
red velvet
bundt cake
Chocolate Cake

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  1. ok now I am soo hungry for some sweets!! The pictures are edible.