Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear Facebook Like Button | We Salute you

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Dear Facebook "Like Button"

Today we salute you. Thank you for always keeping your thumbs up.  Because of you  many business like ours are thankful. We now have a way to communicate to our clients faster than superman...maybe even faster than the speed of light. How does it feel to be stronger and faster than superman? Superman should be jealous of your clean white glove. Maybe you should consider to wear a glittered glove like Micheal Jacksons. You break the record of the most clicked button in the internet. How does it feel to be popular? You are always positive, never giving a thumbs down. You are the king of the Internet. Others follow you, whatever you like they like. You have help grow business faster than ever. Businesses around the world give "YOU" the thumbs up! Thank you Facebook Like Button ! We are proud of you! 


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