Saturday, February 18, 2012

LACMA | Family Portraits

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Just before my 30th Birthday my then girlfriend and I headed down to Rosarito Mexico for a weekend at her Grandmother's.  During that trip I met a man that would be one of the biggest influences in my life.  Growing up people had talked to me about God, and unfortunately like many I rejected that message.  While on the trip we were invited to a skateboarding competition, and we headed down to the event.  When we got there the competition had ended, but I was introduced to the organizer.  This was a meeting that would forever change my life.  

Well at the time the organizer Eric was having trouble getting his Jeep started and I went over to see how I could help.  We were able to get the Jeep started and then he invited us out to eat with some of the volunteers.  We decided to go with them and while at dinner I witnessed the way Eric was and how those with him were as well.  There was something different about them, they were so willing to give of themselves without wanting anything in return.  While at dinner he invited us to church and while my brain was screaming NO WAY NO CHANCE I opened my mouth and the words “sure what time?" came pouring out.  We went to church that Sunday and then headed back home to LA.  
For the next several weeks I spent quite a bit of time around Eric in Rosarito working on the skate park the church was operating.  For the first time I was shown and not told what it was to be a Christian. After several weeks going week in and week out to Rosarito to assist with the skatepark ,  I gave my life to the Lord and haven’t looked back.  The Martins have now been back in the US for a while still serving as a missionary family still touching other lives. 

Recently they let us know they were going to be in LA for their oldest daughter’s birthday and wanted to know if we would be available to do a family portrait session with them. We agreed to meet at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art near Hollywood.  LACMA is not only a great place to spend a day but it’s also a unique place for family portraits.  Eric and Regina have 3 amazing girls and have done an amazing job in raising them in the Lord.  It was a blessing and privilege to be able to capture an afternoon in their lives, and to be able to give back to someone that gives soo much.

Thank you for following your heart and God’s calling on your life.

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