Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Palos Verdes Bridal Portraits | Margaret & Fernando

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A wedding is a time of joy and happiness. For us our formal portraits tend to carry some of that spontaneity.  We do what we can to make them memorable and fun for our clients while keeping the dress clean.  We recently had a chance to shoot portraits after the wedding with Margaret and Fernando, this opened us up to all sorts of opportunities.  It was great spending time with them in Palos Verdes at the Malaga Cove Library and down on the beach where we were able to capture some amazing images with their dog Bella.  The greatest part about doing this session with them is we didn't need to worry so much about the cleanliness of the dress allowing us to capture images we normally wouldn't be able to.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Marina Del Rey Family Portraits | Shazia & Athena

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We are excited to post Shazia and Athena on our Blog today! We recently visited Shazia and her family in Marina Del Rey bringing some goodies from one of our favorite Cuban restaurants "Tropicana" in Downey.
For this session we wanted to shoot simple and sweet with beautiful lighting right in the comfort of  their home. 
It also looks like Athena is going to want to pursue a career in photography! We can't wait for her to be our intern! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Baby Lifestyle Magazine

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I love Baby Lifestyles

A few months ago we received an email from the editor of baby lifestyle. The email was a surprise because we hadn't submitted any work for review. They had found one of our posts from last year. This post was special to us because it was for the baby shower of a close friend.  Letty and husband Victor have been amazing friends through out the years. Letty was a bridesmaid at our wedding.  Its great to be featured, but a bigger blessing that it was for our friends baby shower. Its also great to watch Nathan grow more everyday. Check out  Nathans baby shower post on our blog!

Click Here to view Baby Lifestyles Blog Post

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

San Bernardino Wedding | My Baby Sister's Wedding

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Every wedding and every couple is special to us, but something has to be said when the bride is your baby sister.  Its one thing to capture the bride being helped with her dress and her veil its another thing to be the one putting it on her.  Her wedding was a great time full of laughs, joys, and even tears.  In the end it was not only great to celebrate her wedding with her, but to capture it for her.  Her wedding in San Bernardino will be one we never forget.