Friday, September 28, 2012

Pasadena Engagement Portraits | Jessica and Josue

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In a day and age when many couples are just choosing to live together it is refreshing to see a young couple like Jessica & Josue do things the right way.  Two things are very clear in their relationship. The first that they love each other, and the second is that they both share a love for God.  We recently got together for a morning engagement portrait session in Old Town Pasadena.  The city was perfect for their classic look and the images show their timeless character. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Whittier Engagement Portrait Session | Adetutu & Temitayo

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I first met Temitayo earlier in the summer on a Saturday morning kayaking through the canals in Long Beach. During our excursion a mutual friend of ours introduced us and told him that my wife and I were photographers. Temitayo was in the process of planning his wedding with Adetutu. There was just one challenge; Adetutu lives outside the US and he was tasked with doing a lot of the research for his wedding. Normally the bulk of the wedding planning is done by the bride to be, but in their case since she is not in Southern California he was tasked with handling a lot of the research so that when she was in Southern California they could finalize their choices. During her last visit to LA we had the privileged of sitting with both of them and going over their wedding. Pressed for time we wanted to do an engagement session before she left Los Angeles, and decided to do their engagement portrait session the following day in Whittier. One thing is clear from our time with them, and that is that these two truly have an amazing love for each other and there is no distance that can separate them.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Anaheim Family Portraits | Baby Louie

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There is no greater joy than a new life coming into a family. A baby is someone who will fill a house with love and change a home forever. For most of our  furry four legged friends a new baby means a step down in the pecking order, but it also means a new friend. For parents its a constant set of firsts. First hug, first steps, first words, and many more. Baby Louie is no exception. For mom he will never stop being her baby boy, but for dad well for dad he is so much. For dad he is someone to play catch with, someone to save the universe with, or even be BATMAN. We know that deep in the heart of every man is a little kid dieing to get out, and having a little boy opens that door wide open and no one can look at you weird. We recently were able to spend an afternoon with the Garcia family in Anaheim photographing their beautiful family, and photographing their baby boy being a boy.

"Mommm...But you don't understand Batman never takes off his mask !"

"Holy smokes...Batman got slobbered !" "