Friday, October 22, 2010

Riverside Quinceanera with a Los Angeles twist

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We were privileged to share a very special moment in a young woman's life.  We arrived that morning as Evelyn, her family, and her court were getting ready. What some people may see as organized kaos we see as a joyous time of anticipation. We had scouted the Riverside area and were prepared with 2 locations for her portrait shoot. As the time arrived to depart an unexpected twist occurred beyond the family and our control that did not permit us the time needed to shoot at either location. We all raced towards Los Angeles to Las Trancas banquet hall in Maywood where the outdoor ceremony and reception would follow. The ceremony was beautiful and we now had an hour after the Ceremony to shoot the portraits, but we were over an hour away from what we had scouted. Luckily a week earlier we had scouted the area near the venue as a back up plan, so we were able to do an amazing urban shoot with her and her court. Not your traditional images, but Evelyn isn't a traditional fifteen year old. We returned to the venue where the party went off without a hitch. The venue was beautifully set and everyone really had an amazing time.

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