Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Long Beach Queen Mary Wedding | Jennifer & Alfred

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If you are a kid of the 80's and 90's,  playing Super Mario Brothers was just part of growing up.  Now for those that don't know the game the entire purpose of the game was to save the Princess.  The only problem is that after you saved her you really didn't know what happened.  Well today we are here to tell you about the happy ending, and that happy ending had the perfect venue in place.  On a warm Saturday afternoon in the port of Long Beach visitors came and went from the Queen Mary.  The Queen Mary is one of the few cruise ships you will actually find in the history books because of the grand purposes she served.  Beyond being the largest and most luxurious cruise ship of her time she also did her country proud serving in World War II.  Upon retirement she was placed in Long Beach Harbor for all to enjoy.  Well on this special Saturday she served as more than just a floating museum and hotel.  She served as the perfect ending to a childhood story.  She served as the place where Super Mario (Alfred) would finally marry his Princess (Jennifer).

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