Friday, February 20, 2015

Villa Park | Family Portraits

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Family Portraits are always fun, because of the families we work with.  Everyone is unique and everyone allows us a glimpse in to their lives, this is what makes each session so special.  Its extra special when we get a glimpse of and get to document their kids at home.  This is their personal sanctuary and where kids can truly be them selves, but getting to do the session with grandma and grandpa at their house takes it up to a whole other level.  We all remember our childhood and getting to spend the day at grandmas.  You know the house where you get to have treats, and hugs and kisses galore.  Spending a Saturday afternoon with our newest clients in Villa Park was a lot of fun. Seeing the interaction between the kids, with their parents, and their grandparents is always fun, but getting to document it is truly special.

I know my brothers are ready but first a selfie!!!

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