Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pug Shoot Out | Portrait Session | Learning From Each Other

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Long beach PUG Meeting

It is important for artists to always challenge themselves to continue to learn and grow.  As photographers not only do we have to continue to learn and grow but we constantly have to keep up with technology.  Unlike other art forms photography and technology go hand in hand.  In order to be able to provide our clients the best quality of service and imagery we take every opportunity available to learn and practice. 
We are privileged to be part of an amazing community of photographers that meet on a monthly basis.  We meet to encourage each other and to learn from each other.  We are part of a community of artists, business owners, and friends who share the passion of capturing life and making it stand still for an eternity.  We are part of the Long Beach Pictage User’s Group (PUG for short).  As part of our PUG meetings we have gotten together several times to practice our craft.  We don’t practice as individuals but practice as a group so that we can learn and experiment together.  Our last group meeting was towards the end of October and our Group Leader Christine Smith arranged several models for us to work with.  We strive to pour every ounce of us into our work whether it be practice or with one of our awesome clients because in the end our technical ability is just as important as our creative eye.

Long Beach Pug Shoot Out
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