Monday, November 8, 2010

Dreams & Wishes | What's Your dream?

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"Somewhere over the rainbow. . ."

Its the season to wish and dream. When I was young, I use to dream and wish I was Dorthy. There was an old man in a near by neighborhood that use to make toys. The kids use to peek through the fence and think he was Santa Claus. I wanted to to have Dorthy' shoes so much, I wrote a letter and asked him if he knew how to make Ruby Red Slippers. I slipped the letter through the fence hoping he would read it.

A year later he passed away and my wish to have Ruby slippers always stayed with me. Just recently we did a family portrait session. I fell in love with this photo! It brought back beautiful dreams and memories of my childhood. 

What's your dream? Would love to hear about your wishes and dreams!

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