Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Santa Clarita Kids | Portrait Shoot

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Photographing kids is always an adventure.  It can be fun and its always great to see an adorable face. We recently went up to Santa Clarita for a very special kids portrait shoot.  We have been photographing Ms. Littles for three years now and this time we were photographing her 1 week before her third birthday which by the way was a ton of fun.  Her first session was the sweetest session full of cup cakes and smiles.  Her two year session was her first modeling gig with some of the most adorable clothing ever.  But this time things were different.  This time she is all grown up and ready to show her soft side and her tough side, because after all there is nothing tougher than a toddler going on 20.  Today we share the sweet and tender side but soon enough part 2 will follow.

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